Love Letters

My fiancé, Suzie, was online looking to send “Thank You” cards to our troops overseas. That’s just the kind of compassionate & thoughtful person she is. As she was online she found that there were all kinds of sites for supporting our troops: pen-pals, adopt-a-soldier, soldier angels, and so on. Then, on the right side of the monitor she read, “Prison Pen-Pals.” One click lead to another, and before she knew it, she was writing me the first letter. That was back on November 29, 2012. Now here we are 1 year and 145 letters later.

I’d like to share a letter with you all. Here is one of my favorites dated 10-19-13. It is letter #142.

Steven Jennings,


Handsome, smart, sweet, kind, considerate, strong, confident, fun, loving, friendly, determined, intelligent, motivated, nice, wicked awesome, skilled, positive, prepared, energetic, wild, passionate, gentle, understanding, respectful, trustworthy, HOT, sexy, productive, thoughtful, supportive, brilliant, funny, honest, organized, fabulous, special, a champion, a winner, good, pacient, exciting, smoke’n HOT, upbeat, helpful, sensual, wise, romantic, giving, generous, spirited, knowlegable, relentless, focused, ambitious, loyal, joyful, creative, aware, mysterious, reliable, clever, fit, healthy, peaceful, tough, wonderful, calm, happy, powerful, open-minded, brave, FINE as hell, attractive, talented, an achiever, a hard worker, compassionate, sensitive, playful, caring, charming, …and you are deeply loved by Suzie Jennings.


You are my man and I LOVE everything about you. You’ve got it all honey…mind, body, and soul. You are an amazing man who I am honored to call mine.


I Love You,

Wow! The way Suzie loves me is absolutely amazing. She melts my heart and makes me feel so incredibly good. Here is how I respond to her love. This is a letter I wrote to her on 10-23-13. It is letter #185.

My Amazing Suzie,


Baby, you got me straight up love sick! And you are the only cure. You have NO idea how much I miss you, or how bad I wanna see you again.


As I’m writing this, the mail man just handed me 2 letters from you. I got a close-up picture of your beautiful face. OMG, I can’t wait to spend ALL night kissing your lips and just loving up on you. Baby I’m telling you, my heart beats for you.


Now let me read these letters that my baby wrote me. Mmmm, I love you!


Baby! My eyes are watering. You’ve touched my soul. I could cry so easily right now. The things you say to me are absolutely amazing. You, my love, are a one of a kind. I will honor and cherish you to the absolute best of my ability…forever & ever. You deserve so much better than I can give you. This I know. That’s why I will focus and channel all my strength & energy into loving you and treating you in a way your father would want for you. I will honor him & you through my actions and my love for you. Now come here and let me kiss you babygirl.


I love you,



  1. I write the heart felt letters to my man and get attempts at love letters in return. I love him for trying. I just wish I
    could teach him to dig deep and express what he is feeling.
    I don’t think it has to do with lack of love for me. I truly believe he loves me I just feel its lack of the ability to reach in and rip out what he feels and put it on paper.


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