Ten Days Too Young

SCCC has a yearly fitness contest for all inmates, called the Ironman Competition. I train hard to get myself into shape for this, and I look forward to participating.

The results of this years Ironman Competition were just posted in the gym. But my name is not on that list, despite getting the second best time in the joint.

So I asked Mr. Graves (rec. staff) “What’s the dilly-o?”

He replies, “You weren’t 40. Your were ten days too young for the age bracket you competed in. Some of the older competitors were complaining about your time and your younger age.”

I’m not surprised. SCCC is full of rats. But I can’t complain. Right is right. Technically, I wasn’t 40 yet. I was 39 years 11 months & 20 days old.

I feel that I should still get recognition for my participation. So I say, “Okay, I understand. Will you at least put my time in with the general population who’s 39 and younger?”

But my name is still not even listed there. He claims he forgot to do it.

Then I ask him, “What else have you heard regarding some of the other competitors?” He pauses. Smiles. Then he asks me, “What do you mean?”

I ask it again. He stutters. He thinks about lying. Then manages to say, “I did hear one other thing.”

(What he’s referring to is how one of his inmate rec. workers cheated and had the clock operator skim some time off his run.)

It’s not a huge secret…just about everyone knows about that. So I say, “But yet, you posted his time and are allowing it to stand. Hmmm, I wonder if you’d let my time stand if I was one of your rec. workers?” And with that I walked away.

I’m a little bothered. But that’s okay. It’s good for me. I need things like this in my life. All it does is make me want to dominate next year. Not just in the 40 and over category, but in the entire competition.

My mind is set! I’m going to specifically train for the 2014 Ironman Competition.

I’m on a mission and I have an attitude. I am going to take my inner feelings of frustration & agitation, and channel them into something positive.

I don’t think Mr. Graves is going to add my name to the result list that’s posted in the gym. So all year as I see that bogus list, it’ll motivate & inspire me to do what I gotta do to top the list next year.

All in all, this is a good thing. Why? Because I chose to make it that way.

To be continued….


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