A Late Night Poem


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For me, the hardest part of achieving success from prison is being patient. A task that should only take a few hours, takes days. A task that should take a few days, takes weeks, months, and sometimes years!

I finished writing the manuscript for Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary back in 2009. It’s now 2013, and it’s still not published.

At times I feel extremely discouraged. But I refuse to allow that discouragement to affect me in a negative way. Instead, I use the power within my mind to re-channel that energy into a positive force.

This poem is an example of that. It was late and I couldn’t sleep. I was frustrated & discouraged due to a lack of progress regarding my book. I didn’t like how I was feeling. So I sat up in bed, clicked on my reading lamp, and wrote this poem. Enjoy!


It’s late.
I meditate.

In the dark,
My mind sparks,
My vision ignites,
My soul excites.

My future is divine.
The past is mine.
I’m no longer blind.

I see what I want,
I know what I’ll get.
Patients is a virtue,
I’ll never quit.

My mind is my God,
I pray everyday.
I cut my own path,
I lead my own way.

My God is alive, sleek, and stealth,
He dwells in the midst of my inner wealth.

Look where you’re at,
Now look at me.
Who’s in prison,
Who is free?

Who has passion,
Who has desire,
Who is honest,
Who is the liar?

Where most would fail,
I succeed.
Success is in my blood,
I love to bleed.

We only live once,
What are you doing?
43 years in prison,
My life still isn’t ruined.

Perception is reality,
My mind is strong.
Life is short,
Prison is long.


Steven Jennings


One comment

  1. “My Mind is My God” — this is what I believe as you will find if you venture through my poetry. I hope you like me and my work. I have two videos linked to my “About” section on my blog, and for some reason I am sincerely hoping that you will watch them and alert your fellow inmates to them. I don’t know why I feel this urgency. I have never behaved this way with anyone else’s blog(s).

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