Jared N. Metcalf #806876, is one hardcore dude. He’s serving 10 years for first degree assault.

When I first met Jared I didn’t like him, not at all. He’s what we call a “Yahoo.” (Don’t know what a “yahoo” is? Look it up in my blog titled: Glossary of Prison Terms).

Aw hell, I’ll just tell you. A “Yahoo” is someone who’s always gossiping about someone. All they do is run their mouth and cause more drama.

In addition to being a “Yahoo”, Jared is neck deep in prison politics. He’s concerned with everyone else and how they do their time. When Jared isn’t Yahooing and kicking up dust, he enjoys talking about sucking dick, buttfucking, and boners.

Is he gay? I can’t confirm or deny that. I can say he’s popular amongst the fellas.

Not too long ago, Jared’s celly moved out. The following Monday, he got a new celly named Michael Boyd.

The second Michael Boyd walks into his new home, he finds a note on his bunk. It’s from Jared. It says:

“Here is my paperwork. I’ll be home at 3:30 pm and I expect to see yours. If you’re a rat, rape-o, or a child molester, then get the fuck out of my cell right now!”

Well, evidently Michael Boyd was one of those things. Because he took that note straight to the unit Sgt.

The second Jared walked into the unit at 3:30, he had 3 cops waiting for him. They cuffed him up and took him to the hole.

As for Michael Boyd, turns out he’s a sex offender and a rat. He’ll be just fine at SCCC. It’s the Yahoos and the guys that try to enforce old school prison politics that will do the hard time. Just ask Jared, he lost his industry job and went to the hole.

Moral of the story: Do your own time and worry about yourself. Why make other peoples problems your problems?


Steven Jennings


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