Saying “Sorry” Isn’t Enough

Back in 1994, I lost complete control of myself and my actions. Trapped in a self-induced drunken rage, I shot four young men and terrified countless bystanders. The pain I caused does not stop there. My actions also wounded the friends & family of those I hurt directly, and my own friends & family as well.

I take full responsibility for my actions. I blame no one but myself. I realize the magnitude of what I’ve done. I realize what I did was horrific, and to many…unforgivable.

With all my heart & soul, I am very sorry for all the pain that I’ve ever caused anyone. “I am so so so sorry.”

I know that saying sorry isn’t enough. There is nothing I can ever do to change the past, or to make things right. All I can do is serve humanity with kindness, love, and respect. With the spirit of a sorry heart, it is my desire to serve and to give back to all the lives that I have wrongfully affected.

As I write and sell books I will make money. A portion of all profits will go to the people who I’ve hurt. I’m not trying to buy forgiveness. I’m just trying to give back any way that I can. In addition to compensating the ones I’ve hurt, I will also make donations to the following charities:

* The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)
* Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims (Victim Support Services)

It is my true & sincere desire to live the rest of my life in peace, love, and harmony.

If you are due any compensation, please contact me and we’ll work it out.

Thank you.

Steven Jennings


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