How I Found Love From Within Prison

Ever heard of
What about

Out of hundreds of pen-pal websites for prisoners, these are the two I chose.

It took me about 9 years, but I found her. The love of my life. The most amazing woman I know.

My strategy was simple. Be bold and straight forward. I’ve been on these sites for years. I have received tons of hits, only to find out that most these people are a waste of my time & postage.

Most men in prison will settle for the first woman who shows interest. These men use & abuse until the money is sucked dry. Or until they get out of prison…then it’s “good-bye”.

I see these relationships scattered throughout the visiting room. I feel sorry for these women. They have no idea what’s in store for them.

I could never play with someone’s emotions like that. So if I feel someone isn’t right for me, I nip it in the bud before it even starts. I was doing A LOT of nipping! My approach was all wrong. For years my ads read like this:



Somewhere in my heart beyond all my pride, I have a secret desire so intense it can’t hide.
A desire for someone to cherish and hold, the need for a love in my world that’s so cold.
Someone who keeps me shining through the day and night. Because living without love just doesn’t feel right.
Someone who will be there to kiss away my tears, secure my doubts, and release my fears.
Someone I can depend on to be a friend, who can restore my faith in love once again.
Maybe I’m wrong and shouldn’t be telling you this, but love is the feeling I so desperately miss.


Hi! Not only am I looking for a pen-pal, I’m also looking for someone I can share emotion with. I have a desire to love someone, but being in prison for the past 10 years makes it hard. I’m open and honest with good values. I know you have lots of questions, so don’t hold back. Ask me anything you desire. Let’s have fun getting to know each other. There’s so much more to me than what meets the eye. Unfortunately this ad permits only 200 words and I’ve already used them up. 🙂 Or maybe it’s 250 words. At any rate it’s not nearly enough. So please, write me a letter and I’ll get back to you with a lot more depth. Sincerely, Steven.


That ad didn’t produce desired results. So I posted this ad:


steven9, huh? What brought you to this site? What’s the attraction? Hmmm…all I have to say is choose wisely. Most of the men I am around are bad news.


Don’t be fooled by the charming smiles and sweet words. 80% of the men in here have a hidden agenda. They’re users and abusers looking for a meal ticket.

My agenda is up front and simple. I’ve been in prison for 16 years and I’m looking for a sexy lady. I’m looking for a fun, flirty friendship. I want to hug, kiss, hold hands, and look at a pretty face.


I’m realistic, honest, and remorseful. I love to talk in depth about any subject. I’m not looking for any handouts. I just want a sexy lady in my life. Race and age doesn’t matter. If I’m attracted, we can get it rolling. I’m not your typical prisoner. I’m grounded and well rounded. No tats, no hate groups. I love life, I love people, I love my family and friends. I love kids and animals. I love and respect women. I’d love to have someone special in my life. Maybe it’s YOU!



Although these ads were producing a lot of hits, they were attracting the wrong type of people for me. So I decided to just cut to the chase and put it out there. I then posted this ad:



I am looking for a sexy lady to marry me and have conjugal visits with. So, what’s up? Wanna do it? No drama, no stress. Just come make love. Keep your last name and continue to enjoy your life as you know it.


I’ve been in prison for 18 years (since I was 20) and have 20 to go. I’m damn near a virgin! I don’t have any STD’s and prefer you don’t either. I am strong, healthy, and ready to bless some lucky lady. I’ve had several offers but had to respectfully decline. Although it’s been a very long time, I am not so desperate that I’ll fall for the first willing lady. I’m patient and I’ll continue to wait for the right person. Write me a letter and lets talk about it. I’ll bring excitement and adventure to your life.


That ad brought me a wave of responses like never before. Ladies that were closer to my type started to hit me up. That’s when I knew I was on to something.


At this point, all of my ads were posted on But because of all the encouraging responses from my last ad, I decided to post an ad on as well. It read like this:


Prison Sex!!!


Yep, that’s what I’m looking for. But its not what you think silly little freak. Let me explain…I’ve been in for 18 years and I have 19 years left. At first, conjugal visits were for men who were married prior to prison. But recently a law passed that allows men to get married while in prison. So that’s what I want, a sexy beautiful lady who is willing to legally marry me and have conjugal visits with me. No drama, no stress, just love – an amazing out of this world love! Keep your life, keep your name, and continue to do whatever it is that you do.

The only difference is now you have this amazing surreal sexual sabbatical to look forward to. What I have to offer is not just for anyone. I’ve already had several offers. I refuse to settle if she isn’t up to par. I’m not some desperate bum sitting in prison. I have drive and passion. I’m about to publish the following books and sell them worldwide: Stone City…Life In The Penitentiary; Chirpy…The Amazing Little Jailbird; 101 Ways To Get Your Ass Kicked In Prison; Poems From Prison; Prison Ink; Prison Diaries; The Prison Yearbook Project; How I Made Millions From Prison.

I’m clean, fit, no STDs, don’t smoke or use drugs. I’m very remorseful for my crimes and I strive for redemption. I’m open, honest, and full of love and compassion. I want to bless you as much as you’d bless me in this special type of relationship. If I’m not for you, pass me on to a friend. I’ll compensate you if you find me my lover. E-mail me via I’m on Facebook or just write me. Please include a picture, thanks.


That ad hit hard! Ladies were hitting me up left & right. I wasn’t sure who to choose until I got a letter from Suzie. This woman is the absolute best! She is the love of my life. I am so lucky to have found her. True love is out there if you keep searching,…and its sooo worth the wait!

And that my friends, is how I found love from within prison.


Steven Jennings



  1. Wait…, so you are going to leave me hanging.
    What was it about her that piqued your interest?
    Anyway I am happy for you, that is awesome.
    To have found a lady that accepts you exactly as you are is amazing. I mean this in the nicest way possible. (Honestly)
    She is one amazing lady because this is a hard life too live. Although I don’t know the ins and out of your relationship. I speaking FTP
    Personal experience. I am a jail fiancée right now, he will do time in prison. We can get married and well that’s about it. No conjugal visits in AZ. We got together after he got locked up but were friend and co-workers on the outside. If I weren’t already madly in love with him when he got locked up I don’t think
    I would be on this journey. But what’s meant to be is what’s meant to be and here I am and wouldn’t change anything.(except having him home of course)


  2. She got me with her creativity. Sending me her 1st pic piece by piece over the span of a couple weeks. Meanwhile we made a strong mental connection.
    I could feel how much love she had to offer…and I wanted it! I love how committed she is to me. I love how she loves me and makes me feel. I love how she wants to have my babies. The more I get to know her, the more I love her. She is 100% down for me… and I am 100% down for her. I know these types of relationships are hard. So I do all I can to make it easy. My goal is to give her everything her heart desires. I always achieve my goals!

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  3. […] I had a plan. I knew what I was looking for. And I refused to just settle. I was prepared to continue to go without before I would settle for any random lady that made herself available. As your about to discover, my patience paid off! I met an amazing woman that exceeded all my expectations. Her name is Suzie,  and she is now my lovely wife. (Read: How I Found Love From Within Prison) […]


  4. […] My wife, Suzie, has struggled with anxiety and depression. Her anxiety was so bad that she didn’t even have a Facebook account or any type of social media. It was pure luck that she stumbled upon my pen pal ad while doing research on how to send “thank you” cards to our troops overseas (see: How I Found Love From Within Prison). […]


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