With Every Hardship Comes An Equal Seed of Opportunity

Forty-three years in prison sucks for more reasons than I care to list. But the good news is I’ve realized the power within the mind. No matter what the situation is, life is an attitude. And my attitude is within my control.

One of my favorite philosophies is, “With every setback or hardship comes an equal seed of opportunity.” It’s almost an art form to recognize and apply this philosophy. Because the opportunity always comes during a dark troublesome time. A time when the negative seems overwhelming, and accepting the grief & heartache seems like the only option. Don’t get me wrong, grieving in moderation is necessary for healing. Just don’t make a habit of it and let it ruin you. Instead, take a step back, clear your head, and look for that “equal seed of opportunity.” If you can’t find it, create it. Impose your will and make it happen.

Here’s just one example of how this equal seed philosophy has helped change my life: my setback is forty-three years in prison.

What could possibly be EQUAL to that? The truth is, nothing. It’s simply too long. There’s no coming back from such a harsh blow. It’s over! I’m done. I quit!

Lucky for me, my mind doesn’t think that way. I believe in this philosophy with all of my heart, and I will create my equal seed of opportunity. Such as: sober living, healthy diet, exercising daily, straightening out priorities, self improving, and focusing on a positive life style. All those are great. But are they EQUAL to forty-three years in prison??? In my mind, the answer is NO. Not even close. The philosophy says there is an EQUAL SEED OF OPPORTUNITY. Forty-three years in prison is extraordinary. Therefore, my equal seed must also be extraordinary. So I came up with earning 47-60 million dollars over the next twenty years. Is that EQUAL to forty-three years in prison? I still say NO. But it definitely brings more balance to the equation. My goal to earn millions is already a definite plan, and the wheels are in motion. I now have definite purpose. I will not stop until I reach my goals.

What fuels me? How about a forty-three year prison sentence! The man in me now realizes how the boy in me altered my life forever. It angers me beyond belief. It now fuels my passion, and that is to do something extraordinary with my time here in prison. I refuse to take my incarceration in vain. I have to make this time work for me, not against me. I need redemption, for myself more than anyone. Once I achieve that, I will strive for redemption in the lives I have hurt. I have a strong desire to give back to all those I’ve hurt. No matter how big or how small, if I’ve ever hurt you, then you are a part of my redemptive mission. Please read my blog entitled “Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough.”

My passion to make millions has now become a healthy obsession. It’s the main topic of my conversations, thoughts, and dreams. It has consumed me in a healthy, positive way. It sets the bar of balance high. When I achieve financial success, I expect all my other personal characteristics, morals, and attributes to elevate along with it.

Without the hundreds of little details, my plan is really quite simple. I am writing prison literature, self publishing, and selling my work worldwide using the greatest marketing tool in the history of the world: Social Media. (aka: The Internet).

I am building my own publishing company called Stone City Publishing. My short term goals are to learn the publishing business by publishing my own books. My long term goals are to have hundreds of titles by dozens of inmate authors, all selling worldwide under my network of prison literature, AKA: Stone City Publishing.

My genre is one that has appeal to millions of people all over the world. PRISON! I will write and publish dozens of books. Here are my first five titles:

“Stone City…Life In The Penitentiary” – This book brings the reader deep inside prison society and truly exposes the realities of prison from my perspective. Stone City is full of pictures that were taken with illegal cell phones smuggled in by convicts.

“Chirpy…The Amazing Little Jail Jailbird” – This book is about a baby bird I saved & raised for fifteen months inside a max security prison. It’s a story you have to read to believe. Pictures included.

“101 Ways To Get Your Ass Kicked In Prison” – The title is self explanatory. Prison fights are wicked! Learn about what causes them, the weapons used, and the consequences.

“Prison Ink…The Art Of Hate” – This book is full of pictures showing off tons of prison tats. Learn how they’re paid for, what they stand for, and all the drama they cause.

“How I Made Millions In Prison” – This breaks down the entire process from the first idea to the first million dollars. I share philosophies and basic concepts as I build Stone City Publishing from behind bars.

My agenda is up front and simple. I’ve found my EQUAL SEED. It’s on!

If you have any Q’s or comments, feel free to respond and drop me a line.

Have a great day.
Steven Jennings

“With every setback there’s an equal seed of opportunity.”



  1. So I’ve taken the time to read what is posted on your blog. I think it’s great that you are turning a seemingly hopeless situation into something positive. I have become obsessed with everything prison related for the simple fact that my now fiancée is sitting in county jail. No doubt about it he will go to prison and that terrifies me. Things can go one of three ways he can get caught up in the negative way of prison life(his negative walk in life got him where he is) he can walk the positive way of life (which in the long run will be better but I don’t imagine is easy) or he can end up walking no path at all because his life will have been taken. All three are very real and very serious.
    To be able to read about positive life walkers in prison brings hope to my over active mind.
    Currently he is well behaved in county, been there a whole year and ticketed twice but the tickets were not upheld. He has a positive grame of mind right now but I can tell he is struggling. He has so many emotions he is keeping pent up and I am worried they are going to unleash in a fury!
    Anyway keep up the positivity I look forward to reading more of what you write

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and write on my blog. I appreciate the positive recognition. If you ever need some advice, insight, or perhaps a fresh perspective on any issue, I am here for you. Consider me a friend who has your best intrest at heart. Thank you for your support.


  3. I sincerely appreciate your reply to my comment and appreciate the offer for friendship. Any support I can get on this difficult journey is awesome and the fact it comes from firsthand experience is priceless


  4. After reading your blog posts in an irratic fashion I decided today to go back to the very beginning. Often, when a blog is started, because it takes awhile to gain readership, they read the current posts but don’t go back to the beginning to find out why it was being written in the first place. It doesn’t matter if your blog is about all different things, like my second blog is Watch and Whirl – a place for other subjects I want to write about. But this blog, like my main blog, ‘My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison’ I try to direct people to go back to the beginning so they understand better what the story is. If you pick up a book and start in the middle then it might not mean enough to continue reading.

    My thought about the beginning of this post – in my faith, Buddhism – a symbol frequently used is the lotus flower. This is the reason – It only blooms in a muddy swamp. It is the only flower that blooms and seeds at the same time, meaning cause and effect. As soon as you make a cause you have also created the effect of that cause. It doesn’t mean the effect will happen at that moment, but that there will be, at the right time, the effect of that cause will be there. This is what you are saying. The reasons you are doing what you are doing and the state of mind you have, and the lessons you’ve learned there is no doubt that the effects of your causes will bloom. It doesn’t matter if you learn these lessons through studying the lessons in the Bible or by learning them through studying Buddhism because many of the lessons are the same. But none of those lessons matter if you don’t impliment them in your life.

    You may not know that I am now writing a book.The title is – InsideOut. I did post the first chapter. I wanted to get some feedback. I want it finished by July 2016 in time for his next parole hearing. My goal is to publish it, like you, to give value to his life and to make money so he will be able to start his life. Another goal is to involve the media when he gets out. During this time I need to build readership. Maybe Suzie will print that first chapter for you. I’d like your opinion. Lastly, I will be buying your books. Take care. Keep smiling. Sonni


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